Friday, October 31, 2008


I opened the company its very own bank account today. Its funny how what was once a passionate hobby has turned into something resembling real responsibility. Bank accounts, meetings with CPAs, Small Business Advisors... Insurance. What the hell have I got myself into!?

Its kind'a frightening to know that the buck stops here (points at self), I'm not ashamed to admit that. I'm happy though that I'm doing it-up proper, it makes it more real and more attainable. At times, I find it hard to fight off the bad-old instinct to doubt myself and my resolve, I've allowed myself to fail at too many things before. This is different than anything else that I've tried my hand at though, this time I actually care about what I am doing and I'm pretty sure that if I'm not great at it, I'm at least not awful at it and that carries a lot of weight with me.

The next step, after actually securing the insurance next week, is to invest the time to pull-together my portfolio, my website and relevant collections to distribute to potential clients. I keep feeling like I need to focus on one area of photography but the truth is that I've loved everything I've tried so far so I'm going for it all; private, commercial, editorial, et al. Something will eventually stick I'm sure but for right now I don't want to pigeonhole myself.

Thanks for stopping by. I know this is a pretty weird opening post for a blog but if not in the words of then at least in the tone of the illustrious Mr T, "I ain't got no time for jibber-jabber!".