Thursday, November 12, 2009

New website launches

The new website design has been rolled-out. I think that it creates a more pleasing viewing environment for my photos. Nature shots, which I am primarily attracted to, seem to look better against a dark-neutral background; it must have something to do with the detail and colors that are usually present. I'm hoping that a more serene and relaxing design will encourage clients to dive deeper into my work and, hopefully, encourage them to loosen their wallets a bit in my favor as well. What can I say, I have bills to pay just like everyone else. :)

I am currently working through some really fun photos from a recent foray into the woods. I discovered a place not far from town that is quickly becoming one of my favorite destinations. It seems that there is something magical about Lower Creek Falls as each time I've made a trip out there, I seem to end-up turning a huge corner creatively. The falls themselves aren't that magnificent by Oregon waterfall standards but what makes the area interesting to me is that for 100s of yards past the falls in either direction, the whole river is basically one long, shallow, lazy waterfall ripe with interesting and inspiring vantages.

Lower Creek Falls has proven an important place to me creatively, physically and spiritually and I really look forward to being able to share the images it inspired in me.

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