Friday, April 30, 2010

Shooting Stars on Record Store Day 2010

As part of the "follow my dreams" portion of my life, I persisted in landing a part-time job at a local music store here in Eugene a few years ago. Not only is CD World a music store, but its one of the best still in-business so... I've got that going for me too. This past April 17th, we hosted "Record Store Day", an international celebration of small, independently owned music stores such as ours. Along with a ton of great, celebration-only exclusive merchandise, we were also host to a cavalcade of great live music from a slew of bona-fide stars.

While I was officially on-the-clock and supposed to be helping customers, the boss knows the power of good publicity and let me work the floor with my camera slung over one shoulder. With names like "Black Francis" and "Exene Cervenka" on the marquee and a music-lovers treasure trove of goodies to be had, a massive crowd was drawn to the store and some truly intimate and absolutely unforgettable moment were shared by all.

Northwest R&B favorites Shelley and Cal kicked things off.

Eugene's own The Sugar Beets got the crowd all worked-up!

Black Francis, aka Frank Black of Pixies fame closed-out the day by guiding the ever-amassing crowd through a poetic journey of his decades-spanning career for a solid hour-and-a-half in what will surely go-down as the greatest solo acoustic set CD World has ever born witness to.

While Record Store Day is officially only one day long, given that it was on a Saturday, we let the party just spill right-over into Sunday and kept going with even more great music and big names.

Trampled by Turtles, a Roots/Americana quintet out of Minnesota turned-in a blistering performance. New to the West Coast crowd, for Bluegrass enthusiasts, these guys are not to be missed.

Punk legend and bona-fide rock-star Exene Cervenka of X fame closed-out the festivities with a beautiful and powerful solo acoustic set.

Needless-to-say, it was a great weekend for music and photography. It'll all happen again next April; I can't wait to see how we out-do ourselves!

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