Friday, June 4, 2010

CD World Instore, 4/22/2010 - Ben Fuller

Being nestled conveniently between Portland and San Francisco, Eugene gets a lot of great musicians passing through.  When the stars align just-so, we'll get lucky and a few of these artists will stop-by and play a short set and meet the fans at CD World, the music store that I work at.  While I wish that I could claim that we snare them with some sort of celebrity speed-trap ala Boss Hogg and Rosco P. Coltrane, sadly its just plain ol' hard work and lots of time on the phone that brings them in and for that we can generally thank Mr William Kennedy.  Be sure to stop-by his blog and read his half-baked lunatic rantings about music, they're really good.

On April 22nd, just days after the exhausting romp that was Record Store Day Weekend, we were honored to host Ben Fuller for one of these live in-store performances.  Along with bassist Nick Denoia and percussionist Ben Visnyei they thrilled the crowd with their dreamy, travel-inspired songs of love and adventure.

Ben Fuller

Nick Denoia on Bass

Ben Visnyei on Cajone Box

Check-out Ben's solo debut Aquarian Son, available now.

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