Monday, June 21, 2010

Sick Puppies, live at CD World in Eugene, Oregon

Sick Puppies, a hard rock trio originating from Sydney, Australia stopped by Skip's Record & CD World in Eugene, Oregon to play a few songs for their fans in promotion of their second album "Tri-Polar".  The Puppies rocked the crowd with a stripped-down set of some fans favorites.  The turn-out was huge and the band graciously stuck around after the performance to chat with their fans and sign autographs for the crowd.

Sick Puppies on the in-store porch.

The Sick Puppies were formed in 1997 by front-man Shimon "Shim" Moore along with pal Emma Anzai. While still attending Mosmon High School in Sydney, the two would frequently meet-up to play some of their favorite music at the time and later began to write their own material.   The group would eventually add a third member, resulting in Mark Goodwin becoming the drummer for the band upon Shim and Emma moving the band to Los Angeles, California.  With two studio albums under their belt as well as a hit live album, the Sick Puppies tour with some of the biggest names in popular music today.

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Front-man/guitarist Shimon "Shim" Moore

Singer/Bassist Emma Anzai

On drums, Mark Goodwin

As always, a big thanks to CD World and the great music lovers of Eugene, Oregon for yet another awesome in-store event!  Big props to the Sick Puppies for being a class-act and having some really chill fans, you guys rocked.

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